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This is my version of Stimpy (from the Ren & Stimpy Show) that I did during livestream on Youtube.

The last year was tough in the matter of productivity and inspiration. I've started a few projects, dropped other ones, and the result was always the same: lack of energy to work on my stuff.

But after some time resting my head and taking care of myself, I saw Peter Sandeman work here and got inspiration to start working on a new piece: a gruesome render of Ren & Stimpy!

I decided to make Stimpy because he has a simpler body shape and that allowed me to focus more on lookdev stuff. I don't have plans to do Ren yet haha.

Also, this project was a good excuse to put my hands on Blender's Hair Brush Addon by VFX Grace, an amazing addon that I purchased a few months ago but didn't had chance to explore further until now. The possibility to have hair modifiers inside Blender was a HUGE thing for me, since I'm more comfortable with Xgen and Houdini workflows.

The full process is recorded on my YouTube channel (well, at least 90% of it I believe. Since I worked in my spare time and not only in the live streaming). The language of the videos is only PT-BR, but anyone is very welcome to check it and leave a question in the comments if needed.

Anyway, that's all folks! Hope you like it!